Entering the blogiverse, have I anything to contribute?

Entering the blogiverse, have I anything to contribute?

Ok, so I've been loitering for many years on tech blogs, often writing a reply or two, some complimentary and some, not so complimentary (let's face it, there's quite a bit of rubbish out there, which I have probably also contributed to).

Anyhow, since I seem to have much to say about nothing and everything software-related, I thought I'd take the plunge and start ranting... I mean attempt to blog. As I scribe this first gem, I'm awaiting the gods of the internet to link up my domain name; thebarefoot.dev to my small part of the hashnode world, so I can forgo the hashnode blog obfuscation, right to my own literary masterpieces with a URL I can pass about and look smarter than I am.

I don't know how all this will fare, but it's a somewhat cathartic exercise in my busy code-filled life. I won't bother you with all the usual resume claptrap, assured to say you can see any relevant info on my profile, or follow me on Twitter @thebarefootdev in case I may expose a useful tidbit or two on occasion.

I'm a somewhat pedantic and sometimes opinionated (senior) software engineer, a celt, who resides in Finland. I say what I think I mean, but don't always mean what say. I love a good [heated] discussion, but can't stand the one-line answer trolls. If you don't agree with me that's wonderful, but at least try and articulate your stance clearly, t'otherwise does not a discussion make.

So as I embark upon this digital literary journey, I ask of you to not be soft on me, but honest, correct me if I am indeed wrong, join in if you have things to add, and ripen the discussion.

I will be writing (when the need takes me) about most things, software, code, and development, etc.

See you all down the rabbit hole!